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The Crystal Knight
By Gary Jacobson
The crystal knight rode forth a-questing
Regal billows of life a-cresting.
He rescued souls tempest tossed,
From ye straight and narrow lost,
Riding from darkness into light
His good right arm at the ready
To fight the good fight,
To use his royally endowed might
In chivalrous cause of right...

The crystal knight enjoined in battles
One by one.
He contended with exceeding fierce dragons
One by one,
Jousted with recalcitrant knights
One by one,
Rescued ye fair maidens
One by one,
Reaping rich rewards
Of chivalrous actions one by one.

The crystal knight
Doing chivalrous deeds
All the live-long day,
Whilst relishing in the glorious fray,
Laid by wearily when blessed day
Twas fairly won.
For tho he counted
Questing adventure fun,
Alas, a good knight's travails
Methinks art never done.

The Crystal Knight’s pure being
Twas righteously one with God and king
Endowed with royally rich blessings
All honourable life doth bring.
Honour tis bestowed lavishly
By imperial courts on high
All ye gold in the kingdom canst not buy
His good life disdaining evil, fie...

Tis a good life methinks
For the lonely Crystal Knight on his questing
Seeing ye magnificent vision
Of each fair star thirstily drinks,
And quieted as the mourning dove sings,
Counting each lovely star as his blessings.

He counts ye fair stars of the sky
One by one
Ever amazed at what God on high
Hath done.
Humbled by what his good soul wrought,
Counting every contentious dragon
Vigorously fought,
Counting every maiden fair rescued
That exceeding hot are,
Art all a-twinkling in every star.

Ye Crystal Knight
Doth know his shining might
Defending ye oppressed’s plight
Maintaining gallant and honourable right
Bearing the oft times burdensome weight
Of virtuous victories won
Releases him from a load of angst agone,
Relieves him from worrisome care
That tis not too heavy
For yon good knight to bear.

N’er mind how great or small
The battles...
Might and right tis over all.
No matter what sore privations
the knight doth attend,
He tis comforted till his questings end,
For the battle for good
Methinks twill never cease,
Till in the land there reigneth peace...

So from thine brave heart by battling
For good lifted up,
From the cup of virtuous honour sup,
Knowing thy fair cause tis exceeding just.
For fighting for right
Tis a quest to take ye must
To bring to the faer world peace
That abounding goodness may increase.
Prithee all mankind might rejoice
In glorious chivalry
A quest the Crystal Knight doth
Pursue obsessively,
For truly methinks...
Doing good tis the good knights destiny.


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