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Enter ye here into the realm of

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The Bard
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Greetings from the Knight errant and lovely Lady Kaye...

We bow and curtsey here
After eloping today
M'Lord knight and betrothed dear
Forsooth, a new life hereby venturing
Methinks after an adventuresome life
Of bold adventuring.
Blonde locks and curls captured
Brave Knight_Lance’s heart
Methinks doomed brave Knight
Right from the very start
That masculine hunk
In bright shining armour as yon sun
The Lady Kaye won
As her cyber champion charmer.
A wayfaring scoundrel
Knight errant
While crusading with wandering minstrel
Found Excalibur blunt
Then chanced on the tower
Of yon fair maiden
Who threatened to thrash and slash
Knights skull heavily laden
With sharp bec-de-faucon.
But Knights_Lance put on the charm
Entreating Lady Kaye
To demurely disarm
Lady Kaye relented
With swan-like grace
To her Knight presented
An silver Arret De Lace
Kong live Knight and Lady Kaye
Live happily foreverafter...
From this blessed day...
Knave, from thine frivolous laughter
hold thee back
For they make a winsome pair
Though Knight’s shining armour
Betimes klinks
And m'lady’s tongue
Scalds with fire’n brimstone wit
Knight and Lady Kaye
Make a handsomely royal fit
Now if only she can teach him
To fetch...beg...heel and sit.

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