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WitchNmoon moonNclouds

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Now this is a different kind of place I fear,
Methinketh I feel spooks and goblins coming very near...
The sky bleeds and has two moons,
Forsooth, evil spirits this knight dooms.
They're over they're over there,
Of bewitching presences I'd best beware.
Bats and familiars art flying about my head.
I look behind...I look ahead,
They're everywhere, they're everywhere, the living dead.
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Methinks I hath stumbled upon witches coven,
Or creatures with sharp hooves cloven.
The shining armoured knight hath but two questions,
Which giveth exceeding apprehensions.
Shall I this fine day fight,
Or on mine gallant steed take hasty flight?
Riding hard and harder till I'm out of sight.
I say, what a raving beauty,
Only saying that because tis my knightly duty.
Weird pea green skin with a wart on her nose,
The darling of some demented warlock, I suppose.
But she's one ugly witch from her wrinkled old head
To her long, slimy toes.

Knightmare Quest NEXT

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