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The knight travelled on, hard and weary,
Till he saw a second HAUNTED house looking spookily eerie.
Two skeletons that looked like brothers, pointed,
pointed to a sign above yon dungeon door,
Saying "Just watch the blood, guts and gore on the floor."
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Ghosts and goblins were dancing with glee,
Party down dude, a friendly ghost did plea.
We have a most spectacular otherworld band,
Remowned throughout the netherland
This ghost filled land.
So put away thy sword, come in, brave knight,
For here thee wilt find great delight tonight...
Oh me, oh my, thine shining armor tis quite a sight
Thou didst give GhostsNskeletons such fright.
So deliciously done
Mine shining one.
Come fair knight, forsooth, join in the revelry
Join ghosts and goblins who doth party hearty.
No, argued another,
Tis clear to see, we doth not party hearty...
Tis clear to see we doth heartily party
Therein tis a big, big difference, tis clear to me.

Then the knight with his armour all-a-shining,
spied she for whom many miles he'd been riding
She for whom his royal quest was searching
Yon comely lass for which he twas aquesting...

He twas told by evil spirits she was possessed,
but he saw her dancing normally with all the rest.
The maiden a zombie undead skullfade
To be with her own kind from her home had fled.
She twas just a down home country ghoul
Loose as a goose and twice as cool
So this quest ended happily,
With Knight clicking shining armoured heels snappily.
A bestial looking ghost named Bony Napolean
Invited the shining knight to visit the dungeon
To travel down deep
Into the bowels of the dark prison keep
That's where the real spooks live
He said, what a thrill, oh the chill
Would the haunted pit this brave Knight give.

To see the ghosts of conquerors
Feel all around victims and torturers
Ghostly losers
Sadistic murderers...
Torturered prisoners.

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