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Roman soldiers from deep dark dank,
Marched out of obsurity in ghostly rank
Two by two from chambered catacomb
Into damp bowels of gloom and doom
Where souls of the dead do roam.
spiderWeb skeletonNdungeon
WaterTorture Beheading
spiderWeb skelRIP
bat spiderWeb
guillotine eyeballsani
Moving in precision like you've never seen,
Escorting prisoners to bloody guillotine,
Locking another in the "Iron Maiden,"
Faces stern, ignoring the screamin'.
spiderWeb Iron Maiden

Unsmiling victims saw the water slowly rise,
A drowning from "Water Torture"
No surprise!
Any survivors got the "Headsman's Axe,"
Beat a slow death stretched on the racks,
Or hanging stretching necks to the max.
hanging HeadUndead
Skeletons of tortured dead this place inhabit,
Plagued ghosts of anguished souls
All about you flit.
Hidden in shadowed candlelight dim
So lonely, so won't you join them?
They'll make you feel right at home
In netherworld mists to forever roam.
eyeballsani bat

dancing skeleton
Click dancing skeleton for,
"Iron Henry and the Haunted House,"
A campfire tale that'll leave you screaming!

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