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roseaniyel by Gary Jacobson roseaniyel
singleredrose hummbird
Come to me mine love
Soft and warm as velvet night
rosebudanimated1 As a new rosebud blooming
With unspoken, innocent delight.
Mine heart is fleeting
In crescendos mine head tis spinning
Mine loving heart beating,
Taking ritualistic flight
As on angelís wings
Fluttering in sweetest ecstasy,
Soft songs of thee sing.
animonarch rosesinglepeace aniroseblum rosesinglepeace hummbird
What hallowed sanctity
Arises in intemperate creations purity
Filling mine soul,
Making of lovers heroes,
rosebudanimated1 Kissed by a rose.
rosepeaceani aniroseblum rosepeaceani
Then pale whisper of morning
Rises in witness
To waves of heady joy enrapturing
Sweet imagining of far flung schemes
The intensity of the rose increasing
Mesmerizing honeyed dreams
With ebbing softness capturing rosebudanimated1
The image of thee delighting my morning.
rosepeaceani redrosesbunch hummbird rosepeaceani
rosebudanimated1 The kiss of a rose
Heavenly time slows
Building to a crescendo
Greater than anyone knows
Of fragrant innuendo
In a far greater life I suppose
Kissed by a rose... rosebudanimated1
rosekiss redwtgry rosekiss
Oh the songs come to mine heart thrilling
As a sparkling river over rock and rill
Melodiously trilling.
Songs of you flow over my heart
Wild and free.
Sparkling with heady fragrance I see
Lowering to bended knee
Before thee
So inspiring
Mine imagination in red glare firing
As mine enduring love in sweet glory composes
rosebudanimated1 A room full of roses.
rosepurple hummbird AAdaisybunch redroses roseblu2
Thine fragrance doth in mine soul conspire
To build an empire
To thee raise a monument
Set in mine loveís firmament
When kissed by a rose rosebudanimated1
Oh can I thine love oppose
Where longing heart cannot fate decry
Or mine love greater than the sky
Or yet with frail logic reason why.
roseblue rosewhite rosebly3
All argument flies asunder
Giving fleeting to reasoning
Quickly dissolving
In succulent wonder
With the scent of sweet rolling thunder.
Nay, I cannot refuse the love I chose
Kissed by a rose. rosebudanimated1
roseWbee hummbird rosebouquet roseblu4
Whose bouquets of roses lie as petals
festerin in my brain
With joyful musicís Sweetest refrain
Making a life filled with rainbows
A blissful repose
Kissed by a rose. rosebudanimated1
rosreddance rosbludance rosyeldance rosyeldance rosreddance

Thine lovely roses art dancing in mine mind
Bringing gladness to mine heart of a sacred kind,
Body and soul kissing thee
Embracing thee
Our spirits entwined,
rosebudanimated1 Kissed by a rose.


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