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ye into the realm of

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The Bard

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The brave knight errant did sally forth to the crusades,

answering Pope Urban II who Christian knights bades

to rout the infidel from the holy land

to make it again a Christian land.

Pope Urban did this holy band chasten piously,

that warrior band would defend right furiously,

commissioned by the holy of holies Hand.

richardII excaliburLAKE KnightNLady

LadyKaye twas by the news of far off battle

afilled with fearing.

Thoughts of foul harm befalling her Knight

to her heart came searing.

TheAccolade Copper Shield

But with fortitude put on a brave front

to the inevitable she smiled bravely acquiescing.

giving her favoured knight a special beknighting.

With excalibur LadyKaye did in their castle dining room

Sir Richard bless,

that back to her side he might someday return unharmed

by his lady's fervent behest.


Her royal kerchief did she tie around the arm of her champion,

GodSpeed that forthwith

he might return to his castle home acclimation

by the kerchief remember his lady fair awaiting,

that he might return to her side after the Crusades roaming.


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