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By Gary Jacobson

A mother blesses her children,
Caring for them,
Tending them,
Nurturing them,
Watching them,
Like roses in her garden.

A mother bestows heavenly fragrance
On her children with saintly patience.
Blessed bouquets of sacred good sense
She plants as they grow into men,
Or into beautiful women,
In the garden of life blossom.

A mother distills life lessons
Like morning dews,
Showing the right paths to choose,
Children growing,
In her loving care increasing
In size strong and straight,
Taught to realize eternities fate.

A mother cultivates a rose's splendour,
Trains Celestial spirits to soar,
Till they touch the sky,
Filling paradise's gloried chambers on high.

In the red red rose she shares
Shines the color that royal courage bears,
The sparkling hue of divine charity,
Lighting the fires of bravery,
Maintaining sanctity.

In fervently enduring integrity
Mothers love in deep strength of intensity.
A mother endows with patience constancy
As a red red rose’s blood
She gives honor of a red rose bud.

Her life is educating
By showing
Giving example of love’s consistency,

The white rose a mother gives
Is become a symbol of light
To make it through this days night,
Engendering faith in eternal life bright.

The white rose signifys purity,
Peace assuirity,
A child’s innocent piety,
Ever faithfullness,
The joy of success.

The pink rose a mother gives
Brings true joy
To somber spirits buoy
This veritable color of coy.

Pink means loving happiness,
The good life imparts
Love in human hearts.

The yellow rose a mother gives
Shaded in honorable loyalty
Sincere fidelity
Developing into prosperity.

Yellow is the color of promise
An awakened premise
Bearing the warmth of the sun
This color of good life fun.
The yellow rose does imbue
Inspired spirits to go forth and do!

The purple rose stands for life’s passion,
Always moving with gusto.
Mother’s fashion.
In carriage of regal royalty
Life’s deep purple intensity
Supreme love’s propensity.

A mother bears with grace, great worth’s richness
Bearing natural amorousness
In love with her garden of flowers
On whom her whole attention showers.

For the flowers are her life’s purpose
Giving her meaningfullness,
Watching them grow her adventure
A beloved Goddesses venture.
GoldfoilRose GoldfoilRose
I will always remember my mothers heart of gold
Will until I too grow old
Like the gold foil flower
Bound for her place in God’s Celestial bower
Possessing great richness unpresumptuous
Fulfilled in life’s great abundance.

crystal rose

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