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Peace Rose A Mother's Love RoseChange
by Gary Jacobson
My dear mother gave me birth
Built into my soul a sense of worth.
But that was only the start
This sweet spirit had to impart,
Where matter things of the heart.
My dear mother truly loved me
Molded me
Taught me
Fostering in me
The man she thought I should be.
She taught principles to me
That for my life would stick with me.
Charged by Father above to engender standards,
Societal ethics...
Did what she could with this lump of clay
Though often I left her
Shaking her head in dismay...
My mother parenthood believed
Is divinely decreed.
Motherhood is a God given duty,
Bearing responsibility
With the Lord above,
An act of supreme love.
Mother made a divine commitment,
Heaven’s promissory agreement,
A partnership covenant,
To raise her son with high moral values
That her son might someday, hallowed right choose.
My mother taught God our Father to love,
To eternally look for redemption from above.
My mother taught me to love my fellow man
Celestial precepts to understand,
That blessings are showered on the meek,
To turn the other cheek,
For eternal peace to seek.
My blessed mother
Taught me all men are my brother
That real men,
To our sisters give honor and respect
That we might equally collect
Father’s greater glories elect.
We never had much.
But mother gave us the Master’s touch,
Filled our lives with love, song and play,
With a gentle, forceful hand allay,
Wiping away rivers of crocodile tears,
Quieting fears
With soothing calm,
A mother’s balm.
For unnumbered blessings she gave me
I will always deeply revere her.
For life’s lessons she taught me
With the heart of me I will forever honor her.
For the many ways she blessed me
With unfeigned love, I will always love her.
For hours on end playing with me
I will forever adore her.
And when any of life’s bounties come to me
I know I owe it all to her...
My mother was an angel on earth
who with love and mirth
Lived as a saint of divine worth
Giving my life meaning.
I loved her with all my being...
Living in my mother’s home was great joy
For this rambunctious, incorrigible boy.
Now she’s with the angel’s above
Blissfully in the arms of those who share her love.

Tribute to my mother -- coping with Alzheimer's
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