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roseaniyel THE ROSE roseaniyel


by Gary Jacobson

singleredrose hummbird

The fair rose attracts

Like early morn's dew,

With eternally delightsome

Rose colored hue.
animonarch rosesinglepeace aniroseblum rosesinglepeace hummbird

The rose invites

It's fragrant velvet to touch,

For the world's greatest glories

Are made of such.
rosepeaceani aniroseblum rosepeaceani

A rose's sweet glory beguiles young hearts

Songs of love to sing,

Heralding soft breath of spring.

The peaceful rose has great power,

To quell contentious soul sour.
rosepeaceani redrosesbunch hummbird rosepeaceani

The pure rose brings to sight and mind

Delightsome fragrances of love,

Filling to bursting mortal hearts

rosebudanimated1 With song sweet as the mourning dove. rosebudanimated1

rosreddance rosbludance rosyeldance rosyeldance rosbludance rosreddance

rosebudanimated1 Solemn peace the fair rose brings rosebudanimated1

To gentle mind's sublime,

The indelible imprint

Of life's harmony divine.
rosekiss redwtgry rosekiss

An eternal message is found

In a rose garden's treasure trove,

That forever and a day

Mortal future wove.
rosepurple redwtgry hummbird rosepurple

Flowers restore mankind to a higher plane,

Softly whispering in the winds.

The healing power of a rose

Sweet message to spiritual being sends.
roseblu2 AAdaisybunch roseblu2

The beauty of a rose is beyond guile,

Renewing the inner spirit

From strife and angers that rile.
redroses roseblue rosewhite

The fragrance and hue of the rose brings

A heavenly peace,

A comforting balm

That will never surcease.
rosebouquet rosekiss rosebouquet

Roses speak volumes,

Like unto the sweetest poems.
rosebly3 roseWbee roseblu4 hummbird

A rose garden tis a sacred place,

For if you look closely there

In the bower

You can see God's face.


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