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By Gary Jacobson


A bored Richard Cour De Lion knight errant,
Persuant of new adventuring hearty and hale,
Joined three knights with pure morals apparent,
To search all Britain for the Holy Grail.
Three kinights, Galahad, Perceval and Bors,
From yon round table fair,
At the feast of holy pentecost envisioned,
The holy Grail suspended in mid air,
And right away to the king the right of questing petitioned.
The knights held the strength of ten,
Chivalrous and mighty hearts beating in knight's breasts crystal pure.
Accompanied by a forceful complement of men,
committed all to follow the brave quests allure.
Day upon night they followed long trail,
Joseph Of Armathea's trail aquesting,
Following the ancient Guardian entrusted with the Holy Grail,
From far Palestine's shores they travelled to Castle Corbenic,
Vowing this holy quest for the Holy Grail not to fail.
The three knightly pilgrims rode on to Corbenic,
To the castle on the lee of hill clashing against the sea.
The beknighted band rode in chivalric brotherhood gallantly plutonic,
Till before them they see
Massive freestone towers arising to the sky majestic.
An elegant nobleman appeared magically on the drawbridge,
Clothed in ermine white as an angel's wings snow white.
"Haste ye and come," while yet hot is mine pottage."
Said the genteel nobleman beckoning from priestly light,
Belying regal attirement of countenance visage,
The knights saw glowing from this genteel man a priestly light.
Suddenly the heavens opened, bearing an angelic apparition.
Angels hovered about the venerable priest in shining light...
Bringing to the knights most pure disposition.
In trusting approbation the knights relaxed battle shields slight.
One angel wielded in his hand a bloody spear,
That the side of our Lord and Saviour had pierced.
Another with the Holy Grail did appear.
A third rosy faced cherubim above the grail hovered,
Turning by sacred wizardry into holy bread.
knightarmour gobletstar
Christ the Saviour arose from out of the cup,
Blessing the union assembled before Him there.
Bread and wine from the cup knights did sup,
His flesh and blood the Saviour did to the knights bear
In holy communion, "The Miracle of the Grail,"
The purified knights sailed to Serras,
Holy Grail carrying,
Praying ceremonial homage to spirits that blest us,
But strange, the knights had no taste for fighting,
Though playfully jousting along the way,
Meditating on the good life all the day.
At Serras they watched humble and meek,
As the Holy Grail ascended into heaven's blissful shore.
Four days the knights could not a word speak.
For they knew they would see Holy Grail no more...
knightjoust2 Soon the bored knights again began jousting,
For sport, comraderie, and good cheer they fought.
Seeking more adventure they soon went erranting,
But holding dear memories "The Miracle of the Grail," wrought,
The rest of their lives its spiritual essence blessing...


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