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aNWCrest Away To The Crusades aNWCrest

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Away to the crusades sir Richard rode,

with Prince Phillip of France to gain glory untold

to rout the infidel from the holy land

to make it again a Christian land.
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So what is decreed must be,

so Lionheart ventured forth into the melee,

fighting beside Bohemond of Taranto and Robert of Flanders,

fellow knights in arms,

bringing to Muslims defending Jerusalem a world of harms.

saladin crusadefighters

Richard fought Seljuk Terk and Egyptian Sultan Saladin,

in the desert holy-land din.

Found Saladin a most honourable foe chivalrous,

a worthy adversary exceedingly generous.

But sound defeat came Saladin's way

after fighting fierce two years,

the crusades becoming a trail of tears.

Knightchainlink knightfight

Richard Coeur de Lion Plantagenet

fought mid battlements spewing garnet,

but grew aweary of crusades dust

not so sure amore his cause was just.

All the while of lovely LadyKaye Richard dreamed,

every day for her more yearned,

longing for castle home,

vowed solemn oathe on excalibur never more to roam...

richard1 excaliburLAKE castleicon

A weariesome knights dreams fell thwarted,

when an Austrian Duke angered,

took freedom ransom two years and a day,

imprisoned in a Danube castle Richard lay,

feeling abandoned beyond hope,

until friends the ransom did pay.


Richard the Lionheart finally entered his castle

a castle these many years with peace held dear,

fighting back wayward tear.

This royal King plantagenet,

with warm kiss greeted his Lady fair,

bearing grace and beauty of yon cygnet.


LadyKaye hugged her knight in shining armour brave,

who did the Holy Land try to save.

The lady did give special beknighting,

her champions rekindled love reuniting.


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