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Knight_Lances Knighty Knight Pre-School
By Gary Jacobson
When lil Richard lioncubheart
twas just a little tad
He wanted to be a Knight so bad.
He chased crickets round the courtyard
Swatting right and left from break ’a day,
The bite of excalibur the knaves tasted,
Lil Richard lioncubheart twas wont to say.
But Sir Gawain told him right.
To be a knight
He twas a bit too light,
a not-yet knight, A can't-fight knight.
A knights squire
lil Richard needed to be Till he learned
To act like a knight right.
The first lesson learned tis when armour
sizzles exceedingly hot,
True knights learn how to cool off
like as not...
Carry blocks of ice down that steel pot.
To get off the end of the knights bench,
Lioncubheart must know what twould seem a cinch,
never to back down,
No not even an inch.
A knight must be brave, loyal and true
And from danger never flinch.
Lil Richard learned knightly codes,
The ways that chivalry bodes.
Like rescuing maidens fair,
Battling fire-breathing dragons rare.
A knight must face the beasts undaunted
Before them his courage flaunted...
Putting out their fire,
Before they burned his backside entire.
A Knight must with weapons be proficient,
With the long lance prove sufficient,
Or the long end may stick in the ground,
Leave lil Richard lioncubheart stuck sound
Clinging to the grip, way off the ground
With a long way the shaft to climb down.
Lil Richard watched the big Knights jousting,
With broad sword in might fighting,
With heavy mace on each other thudding...
Bearing courageous chivlry exciting,
all the while the lad twas thinking...
A deadly weapon is the mace,
Just try not to get it wrapped round thine face.
Methinks the knight life doesn’t look so hard,
If only I can remember to keep up mine guard
For forsooth this play tis played...
Methinketh awful hard.


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